Hotel Estela Barcelona is the center of operations of Puigmarti Foundation and Puigmarti Studio.
After traveling and exhibiting around the five continents, Josep Puigmartí arrives in Sitges in 1993, setting his residence and studio at the so-called Art Hotel, where he has been living for more than 20 years devoted, almost exclusively, to a feverish creative activity. It is in Hotel Estela Barcelona, ​​where he has developed his most prolific artistic periods. There, the artist has found the necessary peace to carry out his creations.

Undoubtedly, at the Art Hotel, he is the artist with the most presence. Not only because of the numerous exhibitions he has held there, but also because his paintings and sculptures decorate many rooms. The hotel is known for having what they call "Artist Rooms", which have been painted by artists of different styles, directly painting on the walls and ceilings. Puigmartí has decorated two artist rooms:
- Room 110 "Blue Dreams"
- Room 214 "Sunrise"
However, his relationship with the hotel goes far beyond, since through its Art Department, the hotel promotes and curates exhibitions of the artist worldwide. So, since his arrival, several international exhibitions have been managed by the mentioned department: Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Copenhagen, Miami ( Florida), Bogota, among others.
Also remarkable, the opening of a museum or exhibition center that displays his name in the town of Bourg- Madame, in southern France, the Espace d'Art Contemporain Puigmarti
Indeed, the hotel has become a genuine and informative space for the interpretation of his creations. With this initiative, the artistic and turistic company aimed to integrate the municipal macroproject from the previous Town Hall, where Sitges had planned to become an international reference for the creative economy investing in art.
The former mayor of Sitges, Mr. Jordi Baijet, says that the Hotel Estela Barcelona is already one of the twenty-first century "Cau Ferrat" following the example of who was the modernist house-museum of Rusiñol. The former mayor believes that the work of Puigmartí has reached in Sitges such density and maturity that places his work among the most interesting components of the generation that, in the sixties, pushed Catalan painting to modernity.






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