Josep Puigmarti’s artworks can be found throughout the world, although most of them can be admired at the "Art Hotel" in Sitges


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Josep Puigmarti is one of the most prolific artists of the European plastic panorama of the second half of the XXth century.

His life, like his work, is a continuous, transgressive and original adventure that leaves no one indifferent. His paintings and sculptures represent his genuine way of thinking and living.

He has applied this philosophy to every facet of his existence. He was an advertising model with a look of a movie artist from the 50’s-60’s, bohemian - or wanderer of the world, as he likes to define himself - , regular at parties, seductive, spontaneous and, above all, artist. An artist from head to toes who has ventured into different styles like the schematic expressionism, erotic, pop-art and even surrealism.

At the end of 1989, after living and traveling around the world, Josep Puigmarti settles down in Sitges, next to the Mediterranean Sea, which he calls home. His experience in Paris, California, Sweden, Denmark or Japan living life and art his own way, give him a vision of the world that few people have.

Nowadays, he lives in the Art Hotel in Sitges, delivering himself to a daily intense creative activity.

In the Artist’s own words:

 "Now I live a life of routines, unlike before. Now I like to stay here, besides the Mediterranean. I never liked the night and its ghosts, so I get up very early, make my physical exercises and lock myself in my studio where new works emerge without having previously thought of them. To draw, I make compositions with objects and I don’t stop working and working. In life, it is useless to start thinking if you do not get to work. One has to do things and never stop doing" 





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